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Our Programs

We offer the Alberta Government Insurance reduction program 15 Hours on-line Class, and 10 Hours on the road. This program is suitable for new driver who has their class 7 license. Pickup - Drop-off is free with this program for 10 hours driving.

15 hours on line class will help you understand traffic laws with approved Alberta Transportation Curriculum. Student will have quiz after each module to make sure they understand that module. Student can complete this programme at their own time and own computer. Student will have 30 days to complete this program.

  • Take your time and learn at your own pace, up to 30 days, to complete the online lessons
  • Prepare for your in-vehicle training with interactive videos and exercises
  • Track your understanding and progress with checkpoints and tests throughout the curriculum
  • Online lessons available 24-hours a day from any computer


10 hours in car will help you to become a safe and defensive driver with learning Pre Trip, Basic Habits, Lane Changing/Bind Zone Check, Turns Left/Right, Intersections (Controlled/Uncontrolled), Multi-Lane Roadways, Turn Multi-Lane intersections, Backing, Parking such as Parallel Parking, Up/Down Hill Parking, Perpendicular/Angle Parking. One-Way Street, Railway Crossing, Traffic Circle, Highway/Freeway Driving, Hazard Awareness.  Each lesson will be minimum 2 hours or 2.5 hours.

  • Receive feedback from our expert instructors with one-on-one instruction
  • We’ll work around your schedule with home, work, or school pick-up and drop-off
  • Our instructors are available for lessons in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends


Price: $ 725.00         $ 699.00