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About us

Noble Driving School one of the most successful driving school of Alberta, Canada.

Noble Driving School specialises in providing intensive driving courses and driving lessons using its own revolutionary training system – the NDS System of driving training. Discover the difference –learn quicker, pas road test first time, save money and give yourself the best possible start to a life time of defensive driving.

It has always been our school policy to provide the highest standard of informative driving instructions to our students. Our school is committed in molding better, safer and law abiding drivers. We give emphasis on the importance of driver safety in order to make our roads and highways safer for all road users.

Our personnel are meticulously screened and intensively trained to be able to provide excellent and informative instructions. They are all caring, polite, educated people with good moral characters and pleasant attitudes.

We are all here for you not only to help you pass the road test but to make you safe, confident and defensive drivers on the road.

Browse through our list of services which are designed to fit your needs and get you through this experience with the least expense possible.

Noble Driving School is BBB acredited Business. Our vehicle for driving training are Brand new. Our instructors are patient, Reliable, Courteous.

Once you graduate with us and pass your first road test, you can drive alone, on the Freeways, down town, adverse driving conditions and at night.

Our driving program is a foundation for any student driver to drive defensively on road. With our new Flagship Standard course your loved ones will be in better hands. Our graduate are first choice to insurance industry. They get insurance reduction.

PS: This is one time event in life for everyone.